How to Use?

Step By Step Guide to polishing Composite or Hybrid-Ceramic restorations

Step 1

Place your favorite composite or hybrid-ceramic restoration as you normally do. Draw out the tooth anatomy and fissure pattern with a finishing bur.

Step 2

Select the green Removers for fast removal or contouring. This tool quickly eliminates sharp enamel transitions, or smoothes out irregularities on the restoration surface. The rate and amount of material removal can be altered by the amount of pressure applied to the polisher.

Tip: If the required surface reduction is minimal, you can start the polishing procedure by using the red Smoothers. There is no need for you to begin the procedure with the green Removers unless significant surface reduction is required.

Step 3

If using the green Removers for fast reduction, follow with the red Smoothers to subsequently create a perfectly smooth surface with a silky gloss. Using more pressure removes surface material at a slower pace than the green Removers. This enables you to make small corrections. Finish by using light pressure to further enhance the smoothness of the surface and leave the patient with a silky shine.

If starting with the red Smoothers, use more pressure at the beginning to easily remove scratches and surface defects from finishing burs. Once you have created a smooth surface, apply light pressure to further enhance the smoothness and create a silky shine.

Step 4

All Composite or Hybrid-Ceramic restorations that require a highly aesthetic finish will require the use of the violet Shiners. Simply apply a feather light pressure in order to achieve the ultra-high gloss in seconds. Using the red Smoothers before the violet Shiners will ensure you’ve created a smooth and defect-free surface.

Step 5

Properly dispose of all used polishers. This single-use system means that every patient will be treated with brand new polishers.

Click here to see how you can apply the two agile Polishette MiniShapes on different areas of the tooth surface.

Removal of Stains and Polishing Enamel

Use the red Smoothers in order to effectively remove extrinsic stains and polish the enamel. You can use a light touch with minimal pressure to polish the enamel and remove stains.

Removal of Composite and Cement Remnants after Bracket Removal

Red Smoothers make quick work of removing cement and composite remnants. Apply a moderate to light amount of pressure to effectively complete this task.

Pressure & Speed:

Use Polishette Mini Shaped Polishers with a conventional speed contra-angled handpiece at a maximum speed of 5,000 RPM. In order to prevent overheating and tooth damage, use intermittent pressure and water cooling during the polishing process.

Maximum pressure should not exceed 1N.
Feather light pressure equals about 0.3N.

Tip: You can check your applied pressure on a scale to see where you are at: 1N equals about 3.5oz. or 100g.

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