Why Polishette?

As a dentist, you need a quality polishing system for your restorations that’s both convenient and cost effective. While the benefits of a single-use polisher streamline your day, the cost has traditionally been too high for most practices.

Most disposable systems on the market involve a confusing array of steps. With 1, 2 or 3 step systems it’s often unclear when to use each one. Bulky, oversized polishers hinder visibility and precision, and thick shanks simply add to the challenge you already face.

Problem solved. Polishette brings affordability and excellence to your restorative routine. Once you try the Polishette system, you’ll discover a polishing solution second to none.

We listened to dentists and heard the frustrations. Then we created the finest disposable polishing system on the market today. We blended powerful features together to revolutionize the restorative polishing experience. Mini shapes mean precise placement and tapered necks allow unprecedented visibility.

And then there’s simplicity. Three colors representing different grits allow you to quickly use the right tool for each situation. A full range of applications are covered with Removers, Smoothers, and Shiners...with a versatile cup or point for each.

You’d think that innovative design in a single-use polisher loaded with benefits would cost a fortune. But pleasantly, Polishette is half the cost of many systems on the market today.


NEW super agile mini shapes.

The MiniPoint provides superior access to fissures and precise polishing close to the gingiva. Its slim design helps maintain the point much longer than thicker shapes.

The MiniCup offers enhanced agility and easier polishing of cusps and proximal surfaces compared to bigger cups.

Click here to see how these MiniShapes are applied.
Conventional shapes are much larger, which hinders visibility and takes up more intraoral space. Thicker designs lead to quick abrasion of the point top, making it difficult to access hard to reach areas.

Bulky and worn points make polishing fissures and other hard to reach areas unnecessarily difficult. In fact, they may even flatten out fissures that have been carefully drawn out earlier with a finishing bur.

Tapered medical plastic shanks for enhanced visibility.

A tapered neck creates a finer appearance of the polisher, which increases overall visibility when being used. Try it out to see - and feel - the difference!
Most conventional products feature a straight neck, creating a bulky appearance that hinders overall visibility.

Solid medical plastic shank

The solid medical plastic shank doesn’t bend – it delivers the feeling of a conventional metal shank.
Often plastic-shanked products bend under pressure. This decreases the feedback and feel of the polisher, leading to poor precision.
Technically tested for excellent results!

The Polishette produces outstanding results by achieving a smooth surface with a high shine.

Polishette polishers were developed with profilometric testing and gloss measurements to assure perfect results.
Rough restoration surfaces often promote plaque accumulation, which drastically increases the risk of secondary or recurrent caries.
Cost Effective!

The convenient and affordable single-use system.

Polishette mini shaped polishers are offered at a very affordable price and don’t require expensive complements, such as polishing paste. The Polishette saves times and hassle by coming pre-mounted. There’s also no need for cleaning or reprocessing work since it’s a single-use solution.
Multi-use cup systems require time-wasting cleaning as debris accumulates during polishing. Cleaning the lumens with additional tools consumes valuable assistant time.

Some systems also need to be complemented with polishing paste in order to achieve a high quality shine. Others need to be mounted before the procedure can begin. After unmounting, the shank must be processed and cleaned before its next use. This requires a number of small pieces to be stored.

Single-use eliminates cross contamination.

Polishette mini shaped polishers are single-use instruments. This makes cross contamination from one patient to the next completely impossible. This provides you with peace of mind, along with saving time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning and reprocessing.
With multi-use instruments, contaminated instrument parts may be overlooked, misplaced during reprocessing, or skipped entirely. Additionally, choosing the right disinfectants for vulnerable silicone and polishers is more critical than for finishing burs made out of metal. And a hectic work day can make proper sterilizing and tracking of small parts challenging.
Hassle free!

Always accurate shapes – No more blunt points!

Polishette polishers start with a perfectly shaped and ultra-precise point or cup – every time. Polishing becomes enjoyable once you start using the Polishette, removing the frustration of tired, over-used polishers. Our single-use instrument will give you every reason to look forward to polishing your restorations!
Are you trying to get the most of a multi-use polisher system? The enjoyment fades rapidly as the instrument dulls incrementally. And as it becomes difficult to reach surfaces, the time required to polish adds up and the final result suffers. Now you can have a new feature-loaded polisher for a great price...every time.

No time consuming cleaning of cup lumens.

Thanks to the Polishette single-use concept, assistants can now save time by not having to clean the instrument after each use. This frees up more time to focus on other tasks that come up throughout the hectic workday.
Cup shapes of multi-use systems require a lot of time to be adequately cleaned. During polishing, debris collects inside the lumens. This requires the assistant to spend precious time cleaning a hard-to-reach surface. More wasted cost. Instead, why not save the money for a perfectly clean and shaped new Polishette?

Holds its shape, no crumbling.

The silicone used in the Polishette polishers has been optimized to withstand friction more than traditional single-use polishers. It has been created to last for the entire procedure.
Excessive wear of regular silicone polishers can be bothersome and quickly result in the polisher losing its shape. This greatly decreases its usefulness until it no longer is able to serve its function.

No mounting, no screw-on, no snap-on.

Polishette polishers come mounted with a strong bonding to the shank with perfect concentricity.
Polishers that do not come mounted require additional preparation time. They can potentially be connected improperly and create a wobbly feel. The bonding of the tip to the shank is also not as stable. Also, you’ll have to worry about the individual pieces that have to be administrated and kept just for a small polisher.

No paste, no splatter.

Polishette polishers don’t require the use of any paste – all of the abrasive material is impregnated in the polishing heads. Additionally, violet shiners will leave a perfect high shine, which doesn’t require the use of any additional paste or brushes.
Using polishing paste can be quite messy. It is also an additional expense that you’ll need to consider apart from the polisher.

No marring or discoloring.

Polishette polishers have medical plastic shanks that don’t leave undesirable black marks on the tooth or restoration surface, should it accidentally come in contact with the shank. This prevents you from accidentally messing up all the work you’ve already done.
Metal shanks can easily leave a displeasing black mark should it accidentally touch the source that is being restored. This means that you may have to start polishing the surface all over again.

Smart and handy packaging.

There are up to 30 of the mini shaped polishers in each small and handy plastic box. The box is designed to fit in most drawers and reduce unnecessary waste. Not only does it save space in your practice, but it also reduces space when being shipped to you. Once you have used your last Polishette polisher, you can re-use the box for any other purpose.
The bulky packaging that is often used with other instruments can waste resources and space in your practice. There's no need to clog up your precious space with unnecessarily large packaging.